A Look back at the 2019 festival

A celebration of all things wordy in Burnley

Burnley Literary Festival 2019…

It has been a few years since Burnley’s last literary festival.We thought we’d remind you of the 2019 one, to whet your appetite and inspire you to get involved in 2023.

The Burnley Literary Festival was for several years produced and developed by the town centre management team with the aim of increasing visitors to the town and raising Burnley’s profile. Culturapedia took over the 2019 festival in a very short space of time yet  succeeded in attracting visitors, getting excellent reviews and feedback from the public and artists and generated excitement. It had room to grow and we wanted to build on its impact. You can watch the video above to be reminded of the weekend and read our infograph report below.

“Stories & poems in the van – what a
brilliant idea – I’d just finished work so
was ready for a nice cup of tea and a
sit down. Fab 8 minutes. Thank you!”

Festival Goer, 2019

‘It’s not very often you have a
classful of year 5s refusing to go
home on a Friday afternoon because
they want to finish writing their story
first. Author Phil Earle made reading
and writing not only accessible for
everyone but exciting too.’

Year 5 Teacher

Photo by John Johnson

May I take this opportunity to personally thank you for all the excellent preparation, organisation, expertise and support provided both on the day and in the lead-up. As an arts practitioner I found that the attention to the needs and requirements of the occasion were absolutely fully met. The microphone facility, lunch tokens, seating, carafe of water, every helpful detail was attended to, and you were there in person ensuring all went well. You have much to teach other event planners in the way that you made the day enjoyable, smooth-running, and lots more

Artist & Performer at 2019 Festival

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